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Another year has passed……. May 30, 2011

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Good gracious…. time flies. I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging pics for how long now? Oh yeah, for A YEAR!!! And lots has happened in this year. So, I was thinking I wanted to really start blogging again, not with just pics but with my thoughts on life as well and different things that are happening in our lives. Bur first… some pics-


Caleb and I do a “date night” once a week…. so this was in Oct ‘10 goin’ out on a date! Smile


Now this was our “big” Family trip of the year for 2010. We went to Disney World for 5 days and took our sitter with us…. gotta do that with 4 kiddos!! We love her!!!


See….here she is. We’re basically her “second family!”


Just a fun family pic of our last day!

I actually took several hundred pics of our Disney trip, but there were WAY too many to post.


Nov ‘10…. our 12th Anniversary. We celebrated at III Forks. Love that place!!!!


And this was the first year we had a REAL Christmas tree. Loved that too! Yeah, so not going back to artificial ones- you have to store them all year. Nope, not any more!

…..OK and this blog post will be “TO BE CONTINUED”……. these take awhile! hahaha Smile


It’s been how long?!? January 10, 2010

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This whole Facebook craze has completely gotten me out of the habit of updating my blog. I follow a bunch of blogs on my blog reader, but here I am not updating my own. Well, in 2010 (which BTW- how in the world did it get to be 2010 already?!?) I’m hoping to update on a regular basis….along with a bunch of other things I hope to do and get better at this year.

I have lots of friends who are avid scrapbookers, and they are amazing!!! But, I just never can find the time to actually sit down and scrapbook- especially after dragging out all the scrapbooking junk…I mean stuff! So, blogging is my version of “scrapbooking” my family’s every day doings!

Looking back I left off with our summer vacation, so it looks like I have some catching up to do…so here goes!

Let’s start in July…..


Noah’s Cub Scout Troop went to Medieval Times.


And they do this at home all the time….using a variety of swords and other weaponry.


This is just a silly pic of Caleb wearing my boxing gloves….lovely pink color- don’t ya think?!? This past year I started working out and picked up on boxing. Love it….very fun. I’ve discovered how much I enjoy hitting though! :)  And I might add….I’ve lost 46 pounds and 27 inches and 4 sizes so far….not too bad!!


We went swimming ALOT this summer….ALOT!!!! Got to love this pic of Abigail in her “boat” (as she called it) wearing only a diaper and fuzzy crocs!. HA!!


I had to include this pic because of the story….. Caleb was hanging some boards to put hooks in to hang our bazillion sizes of bikes on. He was on the last board and drilled right above the electrical box, hoping to hit a stud. Well, my “stud” hit something else….like the wad of important electrical wires that run the whole house’s electricity! He got a big jolt and had me run in to see if we had power. Well, it ended up only being our bedroom and bathroom. So, we got to get ready by flashlight for the weekend- because this of course happened on a Fri night! But it got fixed on Mon and didn’t even cost an arm and a leg!


And this is just my sweet little pumpkins face that didn’t look so thrilled to have me take her pic.


OK….so this was a glimpse of July….now to move on to August!


Summer Vacation June 29, 2009

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Since it’s been 3+ months since I’ve blogged…I know- terrible!…..what better reason to catch up on pics than our summer vacation. We did a “road trip” this year, and has been quite fun…and interesting.


Our first night we stayed at my dad’s in Tulsa. We had to drop off “Tinkerbell” (our dog) for her own vacation at Papa’s!

The second night we made it right outside St. Louis. Here is a cave we toured. It was a 90 min., 1 mile tour….during Abigail’s nap time- made it interesting. 🙂 It was very fun, though, and the kids LOVED it!!! It was pretty amazing inside, and the pics don’t even do it justice, but here they are anyways!




This was the entrance to the vistor’s center of the cave. See, Abigail was NOT cooperating for a “group” shot.



I took this pic in the pitch dark, so I couldn’t see exactly what I was pointing at….but I did pretty good at getting them all in the pic. 🙂




Just cool cave pics.






This was at dinner that night before checking into the hotel. Emily is showing us her “gem” necklace she got at the cave.





Daddy is so fun and cool…..giving rides on the luggage cart at the hotel.



The kids LOVED seeing the St. Louis arch….and some very cool bridges going through St. Louis.



We made it to Indiana!!!! YAY!!! Our first night at my Grandma’s house we took them to a fun park to let them run off all their energy.



Abigail likes to hand me the camera and say “Cheeeese.” So, here she’s saying “Cheeeeese!”




OK….funny story about the cow. All of Caleb’s and my married life we somehow miss turns, get turned around (AKA- lost), or whatever, but it always leads to some kind of adventure. So….we’re on our way to the Indiana State Dune Park (that was ONLY 15 min. away), but we went south instead of north. Had we really thought about it, it wouldn’t had made any sense to go south, since Lake Michigan was north….but that’s just us I guess. So, 1 1/2 hours later we end up at the exit where we started and had to get the kids lunch. So, we went to Culver’s and they had cows out front. The kids wanted to pet them, so here they are petting cows. And just think….they NEVER would have pet the cows if we hadn’t gone the wrong way!




And we did make it to the Sand Dunes at Lake Michigan. It was the kids 1st time at a beach.




Here’s all of our toes in the sand. Don’t ya just love it!!? 🙂




Lake Michigan…it was a perfect day!






This picture melts me….Abigail reached up to hold her daddy’s hand. 🙂



Me with 2 of my girls!

Caleb and I haven’t been to the beach FOREVER!!! Coming from CA, we went A LOT!!! Caleb (Mr. Romantic) even proposed to me at “our” beach in CA. 🙂



Caleb went out in the water and Abigail CRIED!!! Caleb is waving to her and she’s sobbing right here.



My fam…..someone had to stay dry to take the pics. 🙂



Playin’ in the sand.



I love tootsie pics. 🙂 (Can you guess which foot is whose?)



Abigail doesn’t like to be dirty. So, here she is showing me her sandy hands and saying “Wipe. Wipe.”





The kids could have dug in the sand all day…they loved it.



Abigail got sand in her mouth and was NOT likin’ it!!! Poor thing….



Noah was crackin’ me up. He couldn’t figure out why his hole kept filling up with water. Hmmm….could it be that you dug it at the shore where the tide comes in at?!?!



Us…enjoying the day watching our kids play in the sand.





We had them “wash off” in the water, but we sure brought A LOT of sand back with us. 🙂







One of the sand dunes- the kids had so much fun running up and down…up and down…up and down.


Before and After….of our house March 28, 2009

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Over Spring break, Caleb’s mom and her husband came to visit. And Roy painted the inside of our house for us. We are soo thankful and love love love it! Caleb HATES painting- he’ll have nothing to do with it. And having 4 kids, makes it a bit difficult for me to get it done all by myself. Plus, we have very high ceilings that I wouldn’t even begin to touch. So, Roy spent his “vacation” painting the inside of our house.




Inside the entry way. Just for fun, Roy painted the kids’ names on the walls. (Although, he did spell Abigail’s name wrong on the left, so he redid it on the right.) 🙂



In the Family Room.



Looking up the stairs.



Partly done.



I had to take this, so we remembered how to put back the pics.



Grandpa put Noah to work helping to paint.


And After…….



The bay window in my kitchen.



Kitchen- with the old picture that used to hang in my grandparents house….love it!



The “Wine Tasting” accent wall in the Family Room.



Going up the stairs.



And we got our pics put back in place.


The rest of our Feb……and family

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Caleb and I had a conference to go to, so we got to have our oldest niece come and watch the kids for us. She did a great job and the kids loved her and had so much fun!!! My dad came down for the conference too, so they both got to go to the cub scouts Blue and Gold Banquet with us.



Here is Tara and Emily.



Dad and Noah.



Kaitlyn being silly.



Tara and Kaitlyn.



I’m not sure what Noah is doing, but I thought it was a coo shot.



Caleb and Noah after he received his Bear patch.


The next weekend, my sister and her family came to visit. We love having family come visit us- it’s fun!! We left all the kids together (thank goodness for the older ones!) and us adults got to go out by ourselves!!!



This was Caleb’s lasagna!!! OK, actually, this restaurant serves family style and we split it. It was HUGE!!!



Brent and Julie with “the” lasagna. 🙂



The cousins had so much fun playing together. Here is Emily and Lauren.



Kailtyn, Rebekah, and Kyrsten.



Kaitlyn and Rebekah…matching.



Emily and Kyrsten…jammie time.



Noah and Lauren.



Aunt Julie and Abigail.  That white thing Abigail is leaning on is “her” stool. It’s a step stool that she is VERY possessive off. She likes to be at the counter just like everyone else. If you touch it or put your foot on it, she’ll let you know!!!!!





Oh blog posts….where have U been????

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OK….I admit- I’ve been such a slacker in keeping up with my blog. Now that I’m on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve neglected my blog. So, here I sit to update the world (or however it is that reads this) on our exciting life!!!!

As I look back on past posts, I left off with Noah’s bat project. (very very cool I might add!!!) Since then…..hmmmm…. where do I start?? Well, here is some of our Feb.



Emily had her 100th day of Kindergarten. Guess how many star  stickers she put on her 100 day glasses??



The kids all went to the dentist for a cleaning- that takes a while!!! So, while it was Noah’s turn, the girls had fun in the waiting room. Here Emily is just showing me her “clean” smile. 🙂



Ohhhh….how I love my girls!!!!! They are just too much fun….as you will see in this video!






This here is Valentine’s Day. When you have 4 kids and no family that lives close by, you go out on a “family date”. So, that’s what we did. We went to Texas Roadhouse. Now that week, the kids had taken turns have the stomach bug (AKA…. throwing up everywhere) Well, I had been stuck at home with puke, saltines, and sprite and I WAS GOING OUT!!!! Katilyn was not feeling well, and actually threw up before we left. So, she just brought a bowl with her and off we went. 🙂 Now I would not have advertised that to the resturant at the time, but I can tell ya’ll that now!!! 🙂  BTW- she ended up fine while we were there and we had a great V-day.



We went and fed the ducks…..brrrrrr…it was cold.



at our neighborhood pond.



Kailtyn with the ducks she fed.



Caleb and Abigail at the pond.



Abigail eating the typical favorite meal of a toddler- black beans and quinoa.



Abigail wearing Daddy’s clown hair. It somehow looks cuter on her! 🙂



Emily being a ninja???? or something???



Caleb…just being handsome.


Batman February 8, 2009

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For school, Noah had to choose a mammal to do a project/report on. He choose the bat, and more specifically the Flying Fox. We checked out LOTS of books about bats at the library, and he has become quite the expert. Go ahead….ask him anything you want to know about bats!!